Mahesh Shirodkar

Mahesh is heading Future Care HR Services as its Managing Director.
Mahesh Shirodkar started his business journey as an entrepreneur way back in 1980s. He was associated with Tata Motors Limited, a global automobile manufacturing company, where he spent considerable time doing various assignments which helped him in starting own business venture by forming subsequently a courier and cargo company.
Mailit Mailroom Management Services Private Limited (formerly known as Shirodkar Cargo Services Limited) which was incorporated in the year 2006 is a Mumbai based leading despatch aggregator and mailroom management company that manages bulk despatch of documents and parcels domestically and internationally. The Company is engaged in all courier business with a business goal of becoming a leading courier and delivery services firm in the service industry.

Mahesh has vast experience and his sharp business acumen resulted into diversification in other business areas such as bulk mailing for corporates, mailroom management services, supply of manpower and payroll management to reputed firms. Futurecare HR Services Private Limited, incorporated in the year 2009 is a sister concern of Mailit Mailroom Management Services Private Limited.
Mahesh is on the Board of all group companies. He brings his experience and expertise to help build and grow all group companies. He has great vision to take Futurecare HR Services Private Limited to the next level of success demonstrating the capabilities of the people working in the company.